Best Panasonic Water Flosser – Guide & Reviews

You most likely have always been told that you need to floss more regularly by your dentist, by are struggling to make it part of your daily routine. It’s time consuming and if the floss is wrapped too tightly around your fingers it hurts.

If you’re like me and dislike the traditional flossing methods you should give water flossing a try. Many believe that water flossers are far superior to regular flossing, insisting that it brings about a better quality of life.

In clinical studies water flossing have been shown to dramatically reduce gingivitis compared to regular flossing and also help to clean more plaque away from your teeth. Are you still a skeptic?

Well, if you are worried about the effectiveness, stop. You can remove the thick layers of plaque that can’t be removed by brushing alone, but is still sensitive enough to not leave your gums a bloody mess.

Looking to try a water flosser out? Try one of the options Panasonic as to offer:

1. Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser

This is a water flosser that you won’t be able to live without. It easily gets to the hard to reach places and removes the painful food that is jammed underneath the gums.

It even collapses, which makes the perfect flosser to take with on the go.

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Comes with extra flosser nozzles and an AC charging stand

You don’t even have to worry about charging this after each use as this unit features replaceable batteries — when it has new batteries the spray is very powerful. It is so easy to refill and the cap simply snaps on and off.

One main downside is that this product has a tendency to grow mold when not properly taken care of. I suggest that you clean it regularly with hydrogen peroxide to help avoid it growing mold.


  • Removes leftover pieces of food and debris quickly and easily from your teeth
  • Can be used at home but is also perfect for those who are on the go
  • Offers a deep clean that regular dental floss cannot offer
  • Three pressure settings: normal, deep and lower-speed
  • 100 percent waterproof and the tank is dishwasher safe
  • Cordless design allows for easy storage
  • Refills are easy with the cap that simply snaps off


  • Can grow mold if not taken care of
  • Hard to keep clean
  • Battery life can vary greatly between units


2. Panasonic Travel Oral Irrigator

This compact, handy oral irrigator is perfect for both home use and when you are on the go.

This product is instinctual to use, just add water or mouthwash to the reservoir and then empty it after you are done using it.

When brushing alone is not enough to get the gross leftover food out from your teeth try using this oral irrigator.

It works to clean your mouth by effectively cleaning plaque away from your gums and out from the gaps in-between your teeth. The different angled nozzles allow access to all parts of you mouth, even reaching places that your brush might have missed.

The use of this product can really optimize how effectively you care for your teeth and gums, while also giving your gums a nice little massage.

The battery life on this irrigator is shorter than I would have expected but the real downside of this is that it is rather difficult to get the battery compartment open.


  • Easy to travel with as it is only 14 cm when packed
  • Weighs only 210g
  • Water tank can also hold mouthwash
  • You can floss for about 40 seconds on a full tank
  • If used daily, it can reduce the buildup of plaque
  • Uses regular batteries
  • Nozzles come in different angles to allow for access to more of your mouth


  • Short battery life
  • Difficult to get the battery compartment open


3. Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator

Panasonic EW1270AC Portable Oral Irrigator

Another perfect portable unit for when you are traveling as it collapses into a compact package.

While the water tank is not very large you can quickly and easily refill the reservoir and resume cleaning with minimum delay and inconvenience.

Your mouth can feel clean and fresh anywhere you find yourself and will strengthen your gums by massaging them with the perfect amount of pressure.

The arc shaped design allows you to clean your teeth and to target hard to reach places thoroughly and accurately.

I would definitely suggest this product to anyone who has braces as it will help you get those hard to reach pieces of food out from between your teeth.

The deal breaker for this product is that there is only one pressure setting and once the batteries have been drained of some power the pressure of the water is lacking.


  • Floss for up to 30 seconds
  • Angled head allows you to reach hard to reach places
  • Tank will hold 165 ml of water
  • Folds down to half of its original size so it is perfect for travel
  • No cords which makes it easy to store
  • 1600 pulses per minute make it more powerful than many corded units
  • The tank can quickly and easily be refilled during the flossing process


  • Only one pressure setting
  • Once the batteries start losing power the pressure drastically decreases
  • Short battery life


4. Panasonic Doltz Compact Oral Jet Washer

This product is straight from Japan and was only made for their market, which means that it ships from Japan so keep that in mind when ordering.

You will definitely need an adapter if you are going to attempt to use this product in any other country, for instance the United States.

It feels well constructed and is easy to keep clean. The battery life on this model is better than I expected, which is good because then I only have to charge it about every couple weeks.

It was hard to figure out how to old this flosser at first as the handle is oddly shaped, but after a few days I go the hang of it.

Although, the material the handle is made out of can be hard to grip when it is wet, which is not ideal for a product that requires water to function properly.


  • Multiple pressure options for achieving the best possible clean
  • Angled head allows for easy access to hard to reach places
  • Reservoir will hold plenty of water for a single use
  • Longer battery life than similar products on the market
  • Well constructed
  • Easy to clean


  • Hard to grasp the handle of the flosser
  • The material gets slippery when it is wet
  • Comes from Japan so it can take awhile to get to you
  • Have to have an adapter to use this product in countries other than Japan


5. Panasonic EW-DJ40 DentaCare Cordless Rechargeable Oral Irrigator

This is a great battery operated powered oral irrigator, which is great because that means there is no cord that would just hang out on the bathroom counter taking up space.

This device also features two pressure settings, but also does not make a ton of noise.

There is a small learning curve when you first start using this product, so you could end up water all over your shirt and maybe some drool down your chin, but after a few days you will get the hang of it.

However, it does come with instructions that prove to be useful. It allows you to change the batteries when needed, which is unlike other irrigators on the market which have non-replaceable batteries welded within their units that must be recharged with an adapter.

But once the battery has been charged a certain number of times the battery weakens and the unit is useless.


  • Easy to fill 165 ml water tank
  • Two pressure speeds to choose from
  • Completely waterproof
  • Can be easily taken apart to wash
  • The nozzle storage is build in so you can take this product anywhere
  • Battery indicator light to tell you when the batteries need to be changed
  • Compact, cordless design allows for easy storage
  • Comes with adapter to charge the unit


  • You cannot replace the batteries
  • Once the batteries die the unit is useless
  • Not instinctual and can cause a mess the first couple times you use it


Final Verdict

In the end, I would probably go with the Panasonic EW1211A Dental Water Flosser. It has the greatest number of features for the money, especially since it has the three pressure options.

However, any of these water flossers are great products and show the various features found at each price point.

Water flossing makes adding preventative dental care to your daily flossing routine so much easier than before.

Each time you use a water irrigator it is like you are giving your gums a mini massage and allowing them to grow stronger over time.

By adding water flossing you are decreasing the chances of you getting gingivitis, while also helping to reduce the smell of your bad breath.