H2ofloss® Dental Water Flosser: probably one of the best water flosser


According to a study carried out by the CDC, about 50% of the total population of the United States who are over the age of 30 years suffer from some severe forms to mild forms of gum disease.

 When the age range of the people rises to about 65, then the number rises to about 65% of the population of the United States. All these could be prevented easily by properly taking care of your teeth and your mouth in general. 

Overview of the H2ofloss, our best water flosser

The use of dental floss and toothbrush only does a limited job in taking the proper care of the mouth. For this reason, additional mouth cleaning methods are needed to help keep you healthy. The H20floss does just what is required to keep your mouth healthy.

It has especially been designed for the comfort of the user and to also thoroughly clean the mouth. Unlike several regular oral irrigators, the H20floss is intended to reduce the noise coming from this device among the various advantages it has over others.

It has some tips that allow each user to choose and stick to one tip. With this, there will be no fear of the spread of diseases due to shared dental tools. It also comes with a special casing to house the tips which make it the complete package. 

The maximum pressure that can be attained by this device (110psi) combined with the frequency of 1200 in a minute gives the much-needed comfort for the user. 


Strong pulsating water:

The pressure of the water from the floss can be adjusted to be as high as 110psi, and the frequency is also as high as 1200 times/minutes which translates to about 20 times in a second (1/20Hz). 

The high pressure and high rate combine in an excellent way to make the water floss much more practical and comfortable to use. The general oral irrigators lack these two great features which makes it a much cleaner and efficient alternative compared to the oral irrigators. 

Great Quiet Design

With the advancement in technology in this century, precise technologies, and new components, were used in manufacturing the H20floss. This technology made the water floss to be much quiet when compared to the typical regular oral irrigators; making it even further comfortable to use. 

With this, you can now make use of your water floss even in the midnight without the fear of waking up the members of your families. This is a particular feature that a lot of other floss lacks. The noise from them can cause more harm than the good that they are trying to do.

More user- friendly

The settings to adjust the pressure of the water are on the handle. There are six settings in all, and their position makes them much more comfortable and convenient for the users. 

The tips box of the H20floss can neatly hold seven tips and also take up to about 20 tips maximum. The H20floss also has an independent water reservoir, and it own tips eject button. All these, in general, make them more user-friendly to the users of the floss. 

Aesthetic design

The hf-8 whisper has a sleek design that blends with your bathroom to make it even more beautiful. Instead of looking for where to place the H20floss, it rather serves as a design to your bathroom. Find the perfect spot for it, and it will bring out the beauty in your bathroom.


    High pressure (up to 110psi)

    360-degree tips

    Quiet design

    800ml reservoir

    Separate compartment for tips

    100% waterproof

    Allows the personalization of the H2O pressure intensity

    Easy to control

    Possesses 12 multi- functional tips

    Uses rechargeable batteries



    Clicks to each pressure level

Advantages of Waterfloss quiet design over other oral irrigators

The waterfloss quiet design is much more efficient than both dental floss and toothbrush. It goes a long way in getting rid of harmful bacteria and dirt from your teeth and mouth in general. 

It is designed to help keep your gum and teeth healthy so as to prevent any gum related disease that may come as a result of not taking proper care of your mouth. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What set of people can use the H20floss?

The H20floss is perfect for individuals with crowns, extensions, orthodontics and for those with diabetes or who are in periodontal support. 

How many tips does the H20floss come with?

It has twelve multifunctional tips to go round for you and your family.

Is it compulsory to make use of cold water?

Don’t use cold if you know that your teeth are sensitive to cold water. You should make use of warm water.

Why is my hf-8 whisper not generating adequate pressure?

Pressure might be on low setting; adjust the pressure control to higher setting.

Repository is not placed well: reposition the supply and push down well. 

Tip is stopped up with garbage. Change another tip

Are there replacement parts for my HF-8 Whisper?

Yes, replacement parts are readily available online.

 Can I use this product to replace a toothbrush?

No. It can only replace floss but cannot replace a toothbrush.


In spite of its immense brushing force the H2ofloss® Quiet Design works discreetly. It creates just 50decibel of noise, thus you won’t be disturbing your neighbors when flossing during the night. 

All these make the H20floss to be the perfect choice for anyone looking out for the best water floss out there. There is currently no water irrigator that beats the hf-8whisper.