Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Review

For my family, taking care of our teeth is not something we do well. My children especially don’t like to brush and floss, and many times they will only do a quick pass with a brush and not even have any toothpaste on it. I used to worry about my kids getting cavities or needing implants at an early age, but recently I discovered the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser, and I worry no more.

If you’re looking for a quick, convenient way to keep your mouth and teeth clean, then the Aquarius Water Pick is for you. I got one for my whole family, and everyone loves using it. Our mouths have never been fresher.

Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Overview:

Large Tank

Part of the reason I got Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 over some of the other, smaller ones, was that the tank was large and could sustain water pressure for much longer. Many handheld flossers only last for like twenty seconds before you need to refill, meaning that they are more annoying than anything. Especially when it comes to my kids, I knew I needed something that would last. The Aquarius Water Flosser has a huge tank and can maintain water pressure for up to 90 seconds, which means I can use it for myself and one of my kids without needing to refill.

Ten Pressure Settings

While this particular model doesn’t say it’s for kids, the fact that it has ten pressure settings means that it works for people of all ages. Whether you have super sensitive teeth or gums, or you have rocks in your mouth, the Aquarius can be customized to fit your needs. If you need to power wash your teeth, you can do it. If you want a gentle massage for your gums, this device can do that too. With ten settings, you can get the exact pressure you want.

Seven Flossing Tips

Another big reason that I got this machine is that it comes with so many tips. Most other flossers only have two or three tips, but Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser has seven, meaning that we each get our own and have a few left over as spares. Although the tips are designed for different purposes, most of them are made for generic flossing so that you can distribute them accordingly.

Corded Design

For some people, a handheld device is much more convenient. For my family, however, having a cord is actually a good thing since it prevents people from walking off with it or losing it. With a corded model, we can each use the flosser during our morning routine, and no one will ever misplace it or drop it on the floor.


  • Easy to use
  • Durable construction
  • Long lasting water pressure
  • Large water tank
  • Multiple tips
  • Adjustable pressure settings
  • Won’t get lost
  • Never needs recharging
  • Stays in place
  • Some people prefer a cordless model
  • Takes up valuable counter space in your bathroom
  • If you don’t clean it properly, mold will start to form
  • Tips can get lost or broken easily if you don’t keep track of them


Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 Review


Q: Can I use mouthwash with this machine?

A: Technically you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Unless you clean out the hose regularly, water is best, so you don’t have mouthwash residue in the line.

Q: How long is the cord?

A: I haven’t measured it, but at least a foot and a half or two feet. It has plenty of room.

Q: Is it loud?

A: Somewhat, although we put a towel under it to lessen the noise.

Final Verdict

If you want a better way to oral hygiene, then the Waterpik Aquarius WP-660 Water Flosser is the machine for you. If you want a device that you can share with your family, I would highly recommend this unit over other flossers. Since you get so many tips, you can each pick the right one for you, and you never have to use someone else’s. Overall a fantastic product.