WaterPik Cordless Professional Water Flosser Review

Consumers frequently rate WaterPik flossers as the best in the business, that’s certainly true with the WaterPik Cordless Professional Water Flosser. You have a water reservoir that lasts 45 seconds, which is just enough to get your entire mouth clean without refilling it. If you take a bit longer, you may have to refill the reservoir once. The motor combines water pressure with rapid pulses to loosen food and plaque. WaterPick Cordless Professional is one of the best in the business for several reasons. Please be aware this is different that then Waterpik Cordless Freedom model.

WaterPik Cordless Review:

Multiple Tips

The WaterPik cordless flosser comes with four different tips. Two tips are the classic jet tips for general use on regular teeth. Switch one tip out for the other when you have more than one user. A third tip spreads the water out among three small tips to reach crevices made by crowns, implants, bridges and dentures. The fourth tip is wide enough to reach behind orthodontic work such as braces or straighteners.


This model is portable, and it fits easily on your bathroom counter. It’s ideal for travel and small bathrooms. Just sit the unit upright and it remains stable off to the side of your sink. The tips unscrew so you can travel with this device without worrying about breaking off the tip. The water flosser is lightweight, so it fits into a carry-on bag with ease.


The batteries recharge within minutes. There is no charging light, so the best thing to do is leave the unit plugged in overnight after each use. The battery lasts for several uses, which means you can take this anywhere, even without an outlet for the power cord.

Two Modes

You have two modes with WaterPik cordless professional water flosser. One delivers a stronger stream of water, while the other is gentler for people with sensitive teeth. Use warm water if your teeth and gums are very sensitive to temperatures.

Easy Grip

It may look unwieldy, but the top portion of this water flosser is skinnier compared to the base. This makes the device easier to grip for people who have arthritis, carpal tunnel or other hand issues. Just fill up the reservoir, turn on the power and you have cleaner teeth in 45 seconds.


Pros Cons
  • Large water reservoir.
  • Special tips.
  • Easy grip.
  • Clean regularly–watch for mold or build-up.
  • No light to indicate charge level.
  • Not as powerful as corded models.



Q: What about the price of this water flosser?

A: This is in the upper-middle range of pricing. There are more expensive models, but not many.

Q: Can you order replacement tips?

A: Yes, these are sold separately.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: WaterPik warranties this item for two years.

Final Verdict

This is a great overall product. The major pluses are the three tips, large reservoir and portability. The lack of power stymies some consumers, especially since WaterPik is generally regarded as the best manufacturer for water flossers. WaterPik claims you will have healthier gums within 14 days.

The portability is great for travel, restaurants or small bathroom spaces. Once you get the hang of using this water flosser, you’ll love using it. Kids get a kick out of the nifty technological device, so this just might encourage youngsters to floss more often.