WaterPik FLA-220 Power Flosser Review

WaterPik FLA-220 Power Flosser delivers what its name suggests. It’s a good choice of WaterPik Water Flossers. The angled neck and narrow end put a disposable tip in between teeth and gums to power away any food. The tip vibrates slightly to produce 10,000 strokes per minute as it loosens food and plaque. There’s no messy water to put in a reservoir. Just replace the tip, turn on the device and start cleaning. Although it’s not perfect, some flossing is better than none for people who don’t like flossing with string. The device is slightly more than 7 inches long and it runs on a battery.

 WaterPik FLA-220 Power Flosser Overview:


WaterPik’s FLA-220 is portable to a point. It doesn’t fold down or come in a carrying case, but it does fit easily in your hand. There are no cords whatsoever. See cordless flossers for more options. You don’t have to worry about a messy water reservoir or refilling the water every 30 seconds. Instead, much of the handle contains a motor that makes the power flosser vibrate.

WaterPik Battery

Instead of two AA batteries, this device just needs one. You may need to replace the battery more often than other models. However, this waterpik battery flosser delivers a steady rate while the battery has enough power. All you do is unscrew the battery compartment, replace the cell and return it to the original position. You go through fewer batteries with this power flosser. If you want to save money on a power source, buy rechargeable batteries.

Skinny Tip

The tip of the power flosser is skinny to get in between most teeth. The vibrations loosen food or remove plaque gently without making gums bleed, so this is perfect for sensitive teeth. The original package comes with 15 replacement tips, each of which can last up to two to three weeks before breaking down. You can buy replacement tips without ordering an entirely new device.

WaterPik Power Flosser Replacement Tips

Water pik replacement tips mean a cleaner mouth. Instead of trying to keep the tips clean for months on end, simply replace it when it wears out. You may have to replace the tip once every couple of days or every few weeks. It depends on how often you use the power flosser and for how long. The more you use it, the more tips you need.

Easy Use

There’s no extra steps to use this device. You can literally take it out of the package, input a battery and then start flossing. There’s no hassles of a water reservoir, nor do you have to worry about mold in the device. Just keep the tip clean after each use so you get more out of each disposable tip. Instead of keeping the device dry, all you do is take off the tip for easy maintenance.


  • Easy to use.
  • Doesn’t need water.
  • Just one battery.
  • Replaceable tips.
  • Tips may wear out easily.
  • Hard to reach in between tight spots.
  • No portable carrying case or container


Q: Can I buy replacement tips for this water flosser?

A: Yes, extra replacement tips are separate from the original 15 you get.

Q: How expensive is WaterPik FLA-220 Power Flosser?

A: This power flosser is much less expensive than water-based models.

Q: What are the tips made of?

A: The tips are made of nylon.

Final Verdict

If you want something inexpensive, and you don’t like flossing, this is your power flosser. It’s easy on the gums, convenient to use and there’s very little mess. One major downside is that the tips may not reach in between tight teeth. However, this works for any pieces of food that stick in between your teeth. There’s no carrying case, so many consumers use the original packaging to store it with. Consider getting a plastic zipper bag to keep it in a bathroom drawer. Make sure you thoroughly dry the device before putting it in the bag.