Floss Sticks – what are they and how are they use

What are floss sticks?

Floss sticks refers to small, single use dental product which gives the user a tidy tooth and hassle free flossing experience. They are sometimes referred to as floss picks, and they are sticks that are made of plastic body whose tip is curved and then tightly strung with a bit short string of dental floss. 

Floss sticks are used just like any other types of floss being used: that is, to the clean the gaps that exist among the teeth through the removal of plaque and stuck food particles. Once this is done, the stick should be discarded. You should just think of the floss stick as just an handle that as a piece of floss at its tail end, and therefore eliminates the need for a very long string of dental floss needed to wrap around the fingers of your hands when flossing. 

Majority of floss sticks are small in size. The plastic body of the floss sticks is generally about two inches in length on the average. Its body is bent in a U-shape and the handle sticks out and connects with the base of the curve. The string of the floss is already preloaded into the floss stick and they strung taut through the mouth of the U. 

Through this way, the user of the floss stick gets to use significantly lower floss than others who make use of the regular floss. In addition, there is no need for the users to wrap the floss around their fingers, and pinching it just to perform some difficult maneuvers to floss some hard-to-reach areas.

How to use floss sticks

Floss stick is very easy to use. Mere checking it out will give you an idea of how you will hold it. All you have to do is to simply grasp the end of the stick making use of your index, middle, and thumb finger to guide the floss through the space that you want to floss. Move up and down gently without forcing the floss to getting firm but enough to get the floss through the tight spaces. Once you are through with it, discard it and do not attempt to reuse it. 

Initially, floss sticks are a little bit difficult to use, as the early designs were a little bit awkward and not easy to use. This made it being blacklisted by the by the public due to its inadequacy. However, floss sticks are now designed to make the users more comfortable, and this has made it quite popular with people neglecting the regular dental floss. 

A few other floss sticks have pointed handles which can be used like a toothpick so as to scrape dirt from spots that the floss cannot reach. In addition, the floss which is used now are the strip-style floss that glides easily into spaces more than the regular floss. 

Generally, floss sticks are usually manufactured by the producers of toothbrushes, toothpastes, as well as traditional spool-style flosses. Floss sticks can be bought in almost every pharmacies and grocery stores around you. They are usually sold in multi-packs that have a supply that lasts from about three weeks to about three months in a pack.