Maintaining Oral Health of Your Kids

Oral hygiene as defined by the WHO is a condition of being free from continual facial and mouth pain.

Maintaining oral hygiene of your kids can be a tiring task but nevertheless it is a very important one.

Problems and Diseases Associated With Poor Oral Hygiene in Kids 

Like adults, children also have oral health problems.  Bad oral hygiene leads to a number of health problems associated with the mouth but on the long run they could extend to other parts of the body. Some of these include:

**Tooth ache 

**Tooth cavity 

**Gum diseases

**Tooth decay

**Crooked teeth

**Cardiovascular disease (heart disease)

**Canker sores 

**Infections to respiratory organs

**Diabetic complications 

**Plague and Tartar formation 


How To Maintain Good Oral Health Care Of Your Kids

Maintaining a good oral hygiene of your kids helps in preventing and combating common dental or oral health problems and diseases.

These good oral hygiene behaviours can be achieved by 

Giving Your Kids Good Dental Education:

Giving your kids proper dental education at an early age is the key to cultivating proper oral habits in kids.. No age is too young to start this process with. Teaching them simple processes like washing/the teeth/mouth every morning at a tender age will go a long way in creating a permanent habit of that sort.

Maintaining A Good Diet For Your Kids:

Giving your kids a healthy diet from the start for their general health and oral health is a very effective way of naturalizing healthy eating habits on their part when they grow. Reducing their intake of cavity building foods and drinks such as sweets, sugary biscuits etc is the perfect way to go about it.

Ensuring They Brush Their Teeth Twice Daily:

Brushing twice daily,preferably before breakfast and before going to bed helps in reducing bacteria in the mouth and eliminating food debris, as these are the recipe for plague and Tartar formation.

Ensuring They Floss Daily:

As soon as the teeth on the upper part of the jaw connects with a teeth on the lower part of the jaw, teaching them simple flossing methods is recommended..They eventually grow to like this process because at the beginning,it is fun to them.

Helping Your Kids Re-brush hard-to-clean areas:

Parents should be the perfect role model by supervising their kids toothbrushing and other oral practices for the first ten to twelve years ears. This helps them to understand the importance of oral hygiene and striving towards maintaining it in their teenage and adult years. 

Introduce Fluoride Toothpastes ToThem At An Early Age:

Introducing fluoride toothpastes at early ages of your kids help to maintain their oral hygiene and get them accustomed to microbial cleansing in the mouth. Kids below three years of age should not be given fluoridated toothpastes as they could swallow it too often but rather be given toothpastes that do not have Florine.

Getting Them Used To Visiting Dentists:

Getting your kids to be familiar with dental practises and visits to a dentist also helps in maintaining their oral health.

Behaviours That LeadToPoor Oral Health In Kids 

They are numerous, some of them include 

**Excessive intake of sugary foods and drinks 

**Irregular brushing of the teeth 

**Parental neglect in teachingdental education to the child 

**Thumb sucking


Importance Of Maintaining Good Oral Health

Having a good oral health is very essential to the well being of the whole body. When your kids have a good oral hygiene, their nutrition levels increase,their heart becomes healthier, constant feel of fresh breaths,helps in preventing diseases, and also save money for yourself.